Economic Indicators under Presidents Obama and Trump

President Trump is known for making numerous claims about the success of his economic policies, especially compared to the previous administration under President Obama. These charts have been constructed to explore some of these claims. The aim is to help quickly visualize available data, and demonstrate that these economic indicators tend to be driven by long-term trends, which do not show marked differences under the current administration.

Manufacturing Jobs

Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Rate for Black Americans

GDP Per Capita

S&P 500 Index

Annual Trade Deficit with China

Monthly Trade Deficit with China


As COVID-19 continues to affect people's lives around the world, President Trump has made numerous statements about how well the United States has done to stop its spread, and has frequently criticized spikes in cases and deaths in other countries. These charts should help visualize case and death rates, and compare those figures in the United States with those of other countries, with optional scaling for population.

Charts coming soon.

Charts were generated using the Charts.js and Moment JavaScript libraries, as well as our own regression and seasonal adjustment scripts.